ENGLISH Reading in the Multilingual Classroom. 0 7049 0769 0. Writing in the Multilingual Classroom. 0 7049 0772 0. Speaking and Listening in the Multilingual Classroom 0 7049 0780 1. Pounds 5.95 each.

Three booklets from the Reading and Language Information Centre. University of Reading, Bulmershe Court, Earley, Reading RG6 1HY.

Looking at Literacy. Using Images of Literacy to Explore the World of Reading and Writing. By Nigel Hall and Anne Robinson.

David Fulton Pounds 9.99. 1 85346 378 7.

Putting Inspection in Its Place By Frances Findlay, Patrick Scott and Shona Walton.

NATE Pounds 6.95 0 901291 39 0.

A guide to the new system for secondary English Departments by three Ofsted registered inspectors.

Learning to Teach Reading By Geoffrey Roberts Pounds 7.99. 0 7501 0728 6. A guide to the teaching of reading..

GUIDES 50 Popular Topics. A resources directory for schools. Compiled by David Brown Arena Pounds 15. 1 85742 163 9 Mentoring With Newly-Qualified Teachers - the Practical Guide By Cristine Beels and Derek Powell CCDU (The University of Leeds) Pounds 6.50 1 898810 00 3.

The third handbook in the Getting it Right series.

Library and Book Policy. Guidelines for Primary Schools.A revised version of the Essex County Council Libraries document. Pounds 2 from Library headquarters, Goldlay Gardens, Chelmsford CM2 OEW.

HISTORY Discovering The Past: The Renaissance. By Rose Barling and Valerie Boyes. John Murray Pounds 6.25. 0 7195 5186 2. A Schools History Project-designed supplementary study unit for Key Stage 3 History.

NURSERY Bright Ideas for Early Years: Favourite Themes. By Jenni Tavener. Scholastic Pounds 6.99. 0 590 53307 X. A topic-based approach to a wide range of curriculum areas for nursery and reception teachers.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION A Guide to Science and Belief. (Second edition) By Michael Poole. Lion Pounds 6.99. 0 7459 2652 5.

Bridges to Religions - Teacher's Resource Book. By Robert Jackson, Margaret Barratt and Judith Everington. Heinemann Pounds 37.95. 0 435 30407 0. A Teacher's Resource Book to support the five infant pupil books in the series.

SCIENCE A Question of Science. By Lynn Newton and Doublas Newton. Watts Pounds 8.99. 0 7496 1749 7. Science information for primary teachers.

Environmental Science Activities. By Dorothy B Rosenthal. John Wiley Pounds 9.95. 0 471 07626 0.

SPECIAL NEEDS You Choose. A handbook for staff working with people who have learning disabilities to promote self-esteem and self-advocacy. By Jenny Mosley. LDA Pounds 17.95. 1 85503 202 3.

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