Books and resources

Heinemann publishes separate Modern World History Revise titles for AQA B, OCR and Edexcel, with targeted revision guidance for students taking these specifications, including summaries of key issues, sample questions and answers, and sections on how the history fits together. pound;6.25 each.

Hodder Murray publishes Revision for titles for OCR, Edexcel and AQA Modern World History specifications. These include selected content for the most popular exam questions, analysis of past questions, revision planning, and explanations of what examiners look for when marking papers. pound;5.99 each. Hodder Murray also has Medicine and Public Health Through Time - Revision Guide for AQA GCSE Specification A, which is designed to accompany the core student book. pound;4.99. The School History Project Medicine and Health Through Time (AQA and OCR specifications) includes revision help in the Teacher's Book, pound;25.

Collins's GCSE Total Revision series includes Modern World History, with content coverage for any specification, 20-minute revision sessions, "A* extra" information boxes for the highest grade, and detailed guidance on exam technique. pound;9.99. The Instant Revision series history title has self-check questions and grade-boosting tutorials in A5 format. Pounds 3.99.

Philip Allan Updates has GCSE Modern World History Exam Revision Notes, written by senior examiners and covering more than 50 topics. pound;7.95.

FlashRevise Cards each focus on an historical event or figure with four short questions and examiner's notes. Prices vary.

Letts GCSE Exam Secrets directs students to view specimen papers from their own awarding bodies' websites and backs these up with sample questions and answers, examiners' tips and guidance on revision planning and exam technique. Pounds 7.99. GCSE in a Week supplies the essential facts. pound;4.99. GCSE Success Guide covers revision methods and practice questions.

pound;3.99. Revise GCSE, written by examiners, has topic-by-topic course coverage and advice written by examiners. pound;9.99.

Co-ordination Group Publications publishes GCSE History, Complete Revision Practice. pound;9.99.

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