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Books : Good practice guides

Michael Duffy evaluates a range of bargain-priced guides to teaching good practice

Teachers' Pocketbooks series Secondary Teacher's Pocketbook By Brin Best

Mentoring in Schools By Bob Garvey and Kim Langridge

Accelerated Learning By Brin Best

Teachers' Pocketbooks, pound;6.99 each

Classmates series Managing your Classroom By Gererd Dixie

Lesson Planning By Graham Butt

Teacher's Guide to Protecting Children By Janet Kay

Tips for Trips By Andy Leeder

Stress Busting Every Minute Counts By Michael Papworth

Running your Tutor Group By Ian Startup

Teacher's Guide to Involving Parents By Julian Stern

Marking and Assessment By Howard Tanner and Sonia Jones

Teaching Poetry By Fred Sedgwick

Continuum pound;39.99 set of 10 until December 20, or pound;4.99 each

"Teachers are beginning to get spectacular results by using a range of new approaches to motivate their students and help them learn more effectively." No, it's not a politician speaking: the quotation comes from the publisher of the Pocketbooks series for teachers, but there are plenty of teachers who would sign up to it. It makes educational as well as commercial sense to identify the new approaches, to pin them down for inspiration or for reference in a handful of punchy, pithy pages.

Continuum's Classmates series, which promises "accessible, practical and indispensable advice for teachers", covers some of the same ground with a slightly different format. They are also pocket-sized, but the pocket's bigger and there's more text: thoughtful, continuous prose rather than notes and bullet points, and more room for case studies and activities.

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