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Books: Parents

Where's My Peg? A parent and child guide to the first experiences of school Save the Children pound;5.95 Order from:

Parents First By Garry Burnett and Kay Jarvis Crown House Publishing pound;8.99 Let Your Children Go Back to Nature By John Hodgson and Alan Dyer Capall Bann pound;12.95 Inviting Families In: a guide to organising family learning events By Rachel Johnstone Mosaic Educational and Southgate Publishing pound;9.95.

The standard school approach is to win parents over by explaining what goes on in class, when and why, and how they can help. Where's My Peg?, a pack from the charity Save the Children, is a good example of how to do this in a lively and effective style.

Parents First, by advanced skills teacher Garry Burnett and Kay Jarvis, who runs lifelong learning courses for parents and is a school governor, covers the entire school career. It is effectively a comprehensive handbook of activities by which parents can help their children to become learners.

While Let Your Children go Back to Nature claims to offer parents and teachers "an attractive means to ameliorate the deadening demands of the national curriculum".

Finally, have you ever thought of inviting families to school for some kind of event involving everyone: a set of activities, perhaps, from face painting to bike maintenance? Inviting Families In, part of a toolkit published by Effective Partnerships with Parents (EPPa), gives you all the practical advice, with case studies, you'll need.

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