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'A boost to our resources'

Ormiston Primary began phasing in Top Play and BT Top Sport in September. Jen Macaulay, the school's PE co-ordinator and Primary 5 class teacher, enthuses about the quality of the resource cards and bags.

"It certainly makes life a lot easier. The resources are at your finger tips and that cuts down preparation time. The cards are very pupil and teacher-friendly, covering ball skills, co-ordination, co-operation, team games and general fitness. They cover all the basic skills needed for any team sport," she says.

Jen Macaulay can give her class two three-quarter hour slots in the gym every week, working in consultation with the visiting PE specialist, and finds that the programme does not take up extra time, although she does run an after-school rugby club using the BT Top Sport equipment bag.

"From the financial point of view it's boosted our resources of balls, bats and specialist equipment," she says. "But the Top Play resource cards also provide a lot of fun games for the pupils. There's a lot of partner work and the pupils are always busy. You can really get them going."

The resources are worth around Pounds 600 per school and the BT Top Sport bag includes items as varied as vinyl balls, foam balls, Supahok sticks, rubber quoits, wooden and plastic cricket bats, bean bags, markers, bibs and a pump.

Ormiston's headteacher Lesley Stone is delighted that the school has been included from the start. "Any additional resources are always welcome," she says. "But these are particularly appropriate.

"The training the staff receives is well thought out and well structured. With this kind of planning and forethought, I would say the scheme is a hallmark of Scottish education at its best."

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