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Born-again beakers

The Christians are fighting back. They're not mugs. The unions have always known about the power of mugs, making sure their names are proudly displayed on staffroom draining boards.

The mug wars spread with the National Secular Society joining in, treating staffrooms to slogans such as "schools are for teaching, not preaching" and "faith is believing what you know ain't so".

Now the Association of Christian Teachers has launched a competition to find legends for its own mugs. Chief executive Rupert Kaye said ideas so far include "I'm a Christian, not a mug" and "Called by God, but shouted at by parents". So plenty of scope for ideas there, then.

Suggestions e-mailed to the association at act@christian-teachers. by June 4 could win a set of six born-again beakers.

For the rest of us, the Christian mugs will cost pound;5 compared with the secular cost of pound;4.99. "For the extra penny, you get God," Kaye comments. "That's not bad value, if you ask me."

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