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In the Box: a boy or girl;Poem

(A shoe box full of thoughtful things from a child safe in England to a Kosovo child refugee in Albania)

In the box: a glove puppet soft and cuddly

For when there is no one.

In the box: toothpaste and a toothbrush

So that each day can start afresh

In the box: a ball

Needing nothing else - toy of a hundred games.

In the box: a bright T-shirt

To move in upon the grey.

In the box: soap

So that you my wash away a little of your fear.

In the box: a yo-yo:

For though that's the way your life has been

On a string and switching

The yo-yo's mischief will tickle you.

But not balloons for they burst like nightmares.

And no plastic guns, no caps,

For you know the gap between the realities.

In the box: a cylinder of sweets

For life can be sweet again.

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