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Box of delights

This week's staffroom reward from Waitrose is a change from the usual hamper, and is probably best shared around outside lesson time. The winners this week, staff at Balderstone CE school, Blackburn, will shortly be receiving a case of quality wines that usually sells for more than pound;75. Headteacher Catherine Finch says her staff may sometimes see themselves as second - hand Ford Escorts, but they are really all first-hand Rolls-Royces.

The box of 12 bottles contains a mix of wines from some of the world's best vineyards, and includes a French merlot and medal-winning Spanish rioja.

The box is available through John Lewis:

For a chance to win Waitrose goodies, just tell us why you and your colleagues deserve it. Send your message, marked Waitrose offer, by email or postcard to the address on the right.

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