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Boxing clever but back in trouble

Your recent article entitled "Backs against the wall" prompted me to write. With an OFSTED inspection looming large on our horizon (September 30 to October 4), I felt it was time to get properly organised. I bought myself a big plastic box to put all of my files in - it holds 10 A4 files, a lever arch file plus two box files, as well as two A-level module textbooks. This travelled back and forth from home to school every day so I could get all my planning and organising done.

Of course, I had to cancel my two aerobics classes each week in the build-up, but the hours spent preparing every evening sitting in martyred isolation in the dining-room were well worth it. My files are now better organised than they have ever been, and all my lessons were precisely planned to impress during OFSTED week.

So it began. But, for me, not for long. By break-time of the first day I was in agony with back pain. Eventually, unable to drive home I (and my precious box) were collected by hubby and duly delivered to the doctors. Signed off for at least a week ("it may be two or three") my visit to a physiotherapist confirmed what I had suspected, it was entirely self-inflicted, the very preparations I had hoped would get me through OFSTED with flying colours (no "fun" exercises, big box to carry stuff around, long hours sitting working) had in fact ensured that I missed OFSTED completely.

So if you've got an OFSTED inspection coming up, now you know how you can avoid it. Not that I'd recommend this to anyone. Anyone want a big plastic box for their files?


49 Broadway Earlsdon Coventry

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