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Boy racers steer clear of staffrooms

RACING home for tea after a stressful day in the classroom, teachers would have more excuse than most for instigating the occasional prang.

But they are apparently one of the safest professions on the roads - more so even than vicars and priests.

While 23 per cent of UK drivers have had a car accident, the figure for teachers is just 19 per cent. In comparison, nearly 30 per cent of accident-prone clergy have been involved in a collision.

Road rage and other driving offences also seem to be a rarity for the women-dominated teaching profession.

While an average of 16 per cent of the nation's motorists have a driving conviction, this is true of only 12 per cent of teachers.

When t comes to breaking the law, however, the clergy more than make up for their high accident rate, with only one in 10 priests and vicars receiving a motoring conviction.

Nicola Joyce, managing director of Bell Direct insurance, which carried out the research, said: "We like to insure teachers. They are a good risk for us and because of this we like to offer them very competitive insurance rates.

"I'm not sure why they have such a good driving record - maybe they pay more attention while learning to drive or maybe it's basic intuition.

"Considering most accidents are caused by lack of concentration, perhaps having to have eyes in the back of their heads helps."

Amanda Kelly

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