Boys Rule! and Girls Rock!

Boys Rule! and Girls Rock!

Special Collection; By various authors; Rising Stars pound;3.99?

Reading age seven-plus, interest age up to 11

Two friends are signed by Rockin' Records, fall out due to the pressures of stardom, make up and go straight to the top of the charts. Meanwhile a spot of bonding over football ends in a glossary and a quiz.

The stories fit seamlessly into the Boys Rule! and Girls Rock! series to build confident readers; the authors are primary pupils inspired by the books' approach.

So congratulations to publisher Rising Stars' rising stars: Amelia Mullet (11), Charlotte Hollinshead (11) and Molly Hyson (12), entered by St Dominic's School, Brewood, Staffordshire; Alex Read (11) and Samuel Pote (10) of Gorseland Primary School, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk; Daniel Taylor (12) representing Dudley Wood Primary, West Midlands.

The next project by Rising Stars is a book of jokes from primary playgrounds' finest wits. There's a taster in the Special Collection: "Why do French people eat snails? Because they don't like fast food".

Tell us another, and another, and another Geraldine Brennan

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