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Boys will be boys and so will girls

My wife and I are following the discussions on single-sex versus mixed schools with great interest, but so far it has not resolved our own disagreement. I think that all boys should go to single-sex schools and all girls to mixed schools, whereas my wife thinks that all boys should go to mixed schools and all girls to single-sex schools.

My son is sending his elder daughter to a single-sex school; his younger daughter, currently at a mixed junior school, is quite happy to go to a single-sex provided it is a boys' school.

In fact this is not as daft as it sounds.

Hilary Moriarty is by no means the first person to notice that, if you look at the reasons why many of our top independent boys' schools admitted girls and the publicity put out by them at the time that they did, most of them are actually still boys' schools at which some of the boys are girls.

BARRY GRAY 24 Balmoral Road Gillingham Kent

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