Brain teasers


Coloured shapes: What colour is each shape?


Red does not touch grey

Blue is between white and grey

Green is not a square

Blue is on the right of pink



Ali, Ben and Luke are in the same class as Holly, Laura and Zoe.

2 boys and 2 girls can play ping-pong.

Ali said: "I will only play if Holly plays."

Holly said: "I won't play if Ben is playing."

Ben said: "I won't play if Luke or Laura plays."

Luke said: "I will only play if Zoe plays."

Zoe said: " I don't mind who I play with."

Which 2 boys and which 2 girls play ping-pong?

Brain teaser solutions (from page 24)


Red White

Pink Blue

Green Grey


Ali, Luke, Holly and Zoe play ping-pong.

Since 2 boys can play and Ben won't play if Luke plays, the 2 boys must be Ali and Ben, or Ali and Luke. Ali will play only if Holly plays, but Holly won't play with Ben. So the 2 boys are Ali and Luke.

Luke will play only if Holly plays, so the 2 girls are Holly and Zoe.

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