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Rosie's goldfish

Rosie bought 15 goldfish. She put them in 5 bowls.

Each bowl received a different number of goldfish.

Each line of three bowls received the same number of goldfish. How did Rosie do it? Find three different ways.

Bike ride

Ismat and Hanif set out at noon on their bicycles from two towns 102 miles apart.

Ismat rode at an average speed of 18mph, but stopped for an hour on the way.

Hanif rode at an average speed of 12mph without stopping.

When and where did they meet?

SOLUTIONS Rosie's goldfish (ages 5 to 8): Bike ride (ages 13 to 15): They meet after 4 hours, 54 miles fromIsmat's town and 48 miles fromHanif's.

Assume that Ismat has ridden x miles when they meet. Since the time for each of their journeys is the same, x18 + 1 = (102 - x)12. Solving for x, gives x = 54.

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