Puzzles to test mathematical skills, set by Anita Straker. Solutions below. More brainteasers on

Tree decorations

You can make a tree decoration by colouring each triangle in this shape red, green or silver.

How many different decorations can you make?

Note: Reflections count as different, but rotations do not.

Santa Claus

Santa has a sack of presents for children's stockings.

If he puts 3 presents, or 4 presents, or 5 presents, or 6 presents in each stocking, there is one present left over.

If he puts 7 presents in each stocking there are no presents left over.

What is the least number of presents in Santa's sack?


Santa Claus (ages 9 to 12) The least number of presents that Santa could have is 301

Tree decorations (ages 5 to 8) There are 24 different possibilities

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