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Puzzles to test mathematical skills, set by Anita Straker. Solutions below More brainteasers on Who is this?

Use the code and the clues below to find the names of the children.

1 Two letters of my name are the same. They multiply together to make 25.

The other three letters are consecutive even numbers. Their product is 5760.

2 Two letters of my name are the same. Their product is 144. The letters with the highest and lowest values have a product of 25. The remaining letter has two digits but in Roman numerals it has three symbols.

3 One letter is a square odd number. Two different letters have a product of 100. The two remaining letters have a product of 88.

4 The three letters of my name have a product of 196.

A curious number

A six-digit number has a units digit of 4.

When the 4 is moved from the end to the beginning of the number, the new number formed is 4 times the original number.

What is the number?

Who is this? (Ages 8 to 13) 1 Peter. 2 Sally. 3 Keith. 4 Ann.

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