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Puzzles to test mathematical skills - for the answers go to end of story.

* AGE 6-8 - False nose

A false nose in the joke shop costs 45p

Fiona paid for it exactly.

She used only silver coins.

There are nine different ways to do it.

Find as many as you can.

* AGE 9-11 - A bit fishy

A goldfish costs pound;1.80.

An angel fish costs pound;1.40.

Nasreen paid exactly pound;20 for some fish. P> How many of each kind did she buy?


False nose

Fiona can pay:

two 20p and one 5p

one 20p, two 10p and one 5p

one 20p, one 10p and three 5p

one 20p and five 5p

four10p and one 5p

three 10p and three 5p

two10p and five 5p

one10p and seven 5p

nine 5p

Fish bowl

Four angel fish and eight gold fish

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