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Puzzles to test mathematical skills. Set by Anita Straker.

Easter eggs. Age 5-7

Easter eggs cost pound;1, pound;2, pound;3, pound;4, pound;5 or pound;6.

a) Nathan has pound;9 to spend on three eggs.Which eggs could he buy?Find six different combinations.

b) Kirsty has pound;13 to spend on four eggs.Which eggs should she buy? Find nine different combinations.

Easter baskets. Age 8-11

Put nine eggs in three baskets.

The total of the numbers on the eggs in each basket must be the same.

Find different ways to do it.

Brainteaser solutions

Easter eggs

a) Nathan could spend: pound;6pound;2pound;1; pound;5pound;3pound;1; pound;5pound;2pound;2; pound;4pound;4pound;1; pound;4pound;3pound;2; pound;3pound;3pound;3 b) Kirsty could spend: pound;6pound;5pound;1pound;1; pound;6pound;4pound;2pound;1; pound;6pound;3pound;3pound;1; pound;6pound;3pound;2pound;2;pound;5pound;5pound;2pound;1; pound;5pound;4pound;3pound;1;pound;5pound;4pound;2pound;2; pound;5pound;3pound;3pound;2; pound;4pound;4pound;4pound;1

Easter baskets

The total on the eggs is 45. So each basket must total 15.

a) 96; 87; 54321b) 96; 852; 7431c) 96; 843; 7431

d) 96; 8421; 753

e) 951; 87; 6432

f) 951; 843; 762 g) 942; 87; 6531 h) 942; 861; 753 i) 9321; 87; 654 Could be extended to 12 eggs (total 26 in each basket)

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