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AGE 6-8


Craig has 9 strawberry plants.

The numbers show how many strawberries are on each plant.

Craig wants to pick strawberries from exactly 3 plants.

Altogether he wants 20 strawberries.

Find the 7 different ways he can do it.

Age 11-14

Pots of honey

The nectar that bees collect is 70 per cent water.

The honey that bees make from nectar is about 16 per cent water.

About how much nectar is needed to make 1kg of honey?



Ways of making 20 are:

12, 6 and 2; 12, 5 and 3;11, 7 and 2; 11, 6 and 3;9, 8 and 3; 9, 6 and 5; 8, 7 and 5

Pots of honey

About 2.8kg

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