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Age 9-11. Going on a cruise

Each day at noon a ship leaves Southampton for Bermuda.

At the same instant, a ship leaves Bermuda for Southampton.

Each crossing lasts exactly 6 days.

How many ships from Bermuda will each ship from Southampton meet?

Age 11-14 Food for thought

This calculation is in code.

Each letter stands for a different digit.

Crack the code!

Find out what each digit stands for.

S is greater than 2.



Going on a cruise

Each ship from Southampton will meet all the ships that leave Bermuda in the next 6 days - 6 ships. It will also meet the ship leaving Bermuda at the same instant as its own departure, and the 6 ships that left Bermuda in the preceding 6 days, making a total of 13 ships.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT 98673289 = 3

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