Break for the Borders

Pupils at Kelso High in the Borders have been carrying out a three-week experiment in independent government to mark the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of the Union.

The school declared itself a breakaway state from Britain last month and held a referendum last week on whether to rejoin. The vote attracted a 90 per cent turn-out of the 651 pupils, with a majority of 437 voting to remain independent. A few days before the vote, the school discovered it had its own gas reserves. The vote was monitored by John Curtice, professor in politics at Strathclyde University The experiment, complete with Kelso's own flag, bureau de change and referendum, is the focus of Passport to Kelso, which will be presented by Iain MacWhirter on BBC Radio Scotland on Sunday, March 25 at 11.05am.

Kelso High is currently the focus of a BBC Radio Scotland SoundTown project, which involves the installation of a fully-functioning BBC radio studio in the school.

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