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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. Which cartoon series revolved around the antics of toddlers Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, and Tommy's cousin Angelica?

2. Who was the last Tory Education Secretary before Gove took office earlier this year?

3. Which 19th-century novel is narrated by Lockwood and Nelly Dean?

4. What links Czechoslovakia in 1989, Lou Reed and Elizabeth Taylor?

5. Where would you find the red dragon of Prince Cadwalader?

6. Who was the last Briton to win an individual gold medal in the Winter Olympics?

7. Which island is separated from the European mainland by the Straits of Messina?

8. Who holds the record for most UK chart entries by an all-female group?

9. What links the relation between the pressure and volume of a gas, Trainspotting, and I Dream a Dream?

10. Philippine, harpy and bald are types of which animal?

Quiz answers below; for crossword answers visit or see next week's issue

Pub Quiz answers 1. 'Rugrats' 2. Gillian Shepherd 3. 'Wuthering Heights' 4. Velvet: Velvet Revolution, member of the Velvet Underground, star of the film 'National Velvet' 5. On the flag of Wales 6. Amy Williams in the skeleton bob in 2010 7. Sicily 8. Bananarama 9. Boyle: Boyle's law, directed by Danny Boyle, sung by Susan Boyle in Britain's Got Talent audition 10. Eagle.

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