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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. The opening of which 19th-century novel is set in Miss Pinkerton's Academy for Young Ladies?

2. What was known as the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart until it was dismantled in 1989?

3. Who released her second album, 21, earlier this year, following the success of her debut album, 19, in 2008?

4. What links New York's Tribeca district, the US Department of Defense and the Kremlin?

5. Who was the last Briton to win a senior title at one of the four tennis Grand Slam events?

6. In Roman Catholic tradition, how many Stations of the Cross are there?

7. What links Jude Law, Robert Duvall, Martin Freeman and James Mason?

8. Whose official residence is Bute House?

9. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord" is the first line of which patriotic song?

10. In which English county is the source of the Thames?

Pub Quiz answers

1. 'Vanity Fair' 2. The Berlin Wall (by the government of East Germany) 3. Adele 4. Geometric shapes: Triangle Below Canal; Pentagon; Red Square 5. Jamie Murray: he won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon in 2007 6. 14 7. They played Dr Watson in TVfilm adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes stories: 'Sherlock Holmes' (film); 'The Seven-Per-Cent Solution'; 'Sherlock Holmes' (TV series); 'Murder By Decree' (film) 8. First Minister of Scotland 9. The Battle Hymn of the Republic 10. Gloucestershire.

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