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Breaktime The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. Which country holds the record for the most runner-up finishes in the Eurovision Song Contest?

2. What links Bill Sikes, Woody and Jim Bowen?

3. What distinction was claimed by Sylvia Diggory on July 5, 1948?

4. Australian snubfin, Amazon river, bottlenose and hourglass are all types of which mammal?

5. Which country comes next in this list: Norway, Sweden, Burma, Austria, Peru, Egypt, Ghana?

6. In the 1966 World Cup final, who, besides Geoff Hurst, scored for England?

7. What links Humphrey, Sybil, Treasury Bill and Larry?

8. What does an anemometer measure?

9. Which British sculptor, whose works include Single Form outside the UN building in New York, had a studio in St Ives?

10. What name did left-wing newspaper the Daily Herald adopt when it relaunched in 1964?

Pub Quiz answers 1. The UK (with 15) 2. Bullseye (the dog in 'Oliver Twist', the horse in 'Toy Story' and hosted the 'Bullseye' quiz show). 3. She was the first patient to be treated on the NHS 4. Dolphin 5. South Korea: the nationalities of the eight secretary-generals of the United Nations 6. Martin Peters 7. They are all cats that live(d) at 10 Downing Street 8. Wind speed 9. Barbara Hepworth 10. 'The Sun'.

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