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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. A felucca is a type of which form of transport?

2. According to Byron, who "came down like a wolf on the fold"?

3. Who is the only divorced man ever to be elected president of the US?

4. What links a Cornish pasty, Camembert cheese and Parma ham?

5. By what name is the comedian Arthur Stanley Jefferson better known?

6. What can go before fox, circle, monkeys and roll?

7. The name of which puzzle translates as "single number" in its country of origin?

8. What is measured in lumens?

9. In fiction, where did the Starkadders live?

10. What name is given to the Hindu deity commonly portrayed as a monkey?

Pub Quiz Answers: 1. A boat 2. The Assyrian 3. Ronald Reagan 4. 'They all have Protected Geographical Indication status, meaning only those originating in that area can market themselves as such 5. Stan Laurel 6. Arctic 7. Sudoku 8. Light (as perceived by the human eye) or luminous flux 9. Cold Comfort Farm 10. Hanuman.

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