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Breaktime - The Job Stops Here - Pub quiz

1. Who is the only footballer to have scored in every Premier League season?

2. What can be silver, black, white and Japanese cherry?

3. In which city is Robert Gordon University?

4. What is the common name of the compound dihydrogen monoxide?

5. What links Sherlock Holmes' first appearance, the seat of the Shah of Iran and the Walrus of Love?

6. "Had we but world enough, and time" is the opening line of a poem by which author?

7. What are the fictional names given to Juniper Hill and Buckingham in the novels by Flora Thompson, serialised on television from 2008 to 2011?

8. A skulk is a group of which type of animal?

9. Adam Hart-Davies, Kate Humble and Roger Black presented the final series of which long-running TV programme?

10. By what name is the rapper Ben Drew better known?


1. Ryan Giggs; 2. Birch trees; 3. Aberdeen; 4. Water; 5. Cluedo characters: 'A Study in (Miss) Scarlet'; (Mrs) 'Peacock Throne'; 'Barry (Mrs) White; 6. Andrew Marvell; 7. Lark Rise and Candleford; 8. Foxes; 9. 'Tomorrow's World' (in 2003); 10. Plan B.

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