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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. Which children's TV series featured the Soup Dragon?

2. James Polk is the only US president to have held which other national office?

3. Which river is crossed by Framwellgate, Elvet and Prebends bridges?

4. By what names are comedy duo Cyril Mead and Edward McGinnis better known?

5. Which is the only golf course outside Scotland and England to have hosted the Open Championship?

6. What links Brighton and Hove, Wolverhampton and Inverness in 2000, and Preston, Newport and Stirling in 2002?

7. In which battle did William Wallace lead the Scots to victory over an English army in 1297?

8. Who was sent to Salem House after biting his stepfather?

9. How many cards is each player dealt in a hand of contract bridge?

10. In the 1973 Disney film of Robin Hood, what sort of animal was Robin?


1. 'The Clangers'; 2. Speaker of the House of Representatives; 3. The Wear (in Durham); 4. Little and Large; 5. Royal Portrush, in Antrim (in 1951); 6. Granted city status; 7. Battle of Stirling Bridge; 8. David Copperfield; 9. 13; 10. A fox.

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