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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. Which US president was born Leslie Lynch King Jr^?

2. Cerulean is a shade of which colour^?

3. What links a group of toads, modern-day roundheads and cavaliers and a Dallas spin-off?

4. What name is given to the range of hills in South West England between the Somerset Levels and the Avon Valley^?

5. Who was the last British writer to win the Nobel Prize for literature?

6. According to Homer's Odyssey, who or what was Polyphemus?

7. What links Willie, Naranjito, Striker, Footix and Zakumi?

8. Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen are the protagonists of which series of novels?

9. Blossom the cow was instrumental in the discovery of the vaccine for which disease in 1796?

10. What can be brilliant, step, mixed and rose^?

Pub Quiz answers

1. Gerald Ford 2. Blue 3. Knot: a knot of toads; the Sealed Knot (re-enactment society); Knot's Landing 4. The Mendips 5. Doris Lessing (in 2007) 6. A cyclops 7. World Cup mascots (England 1966, Spain 1982, USA 1994, France 1998, South Africa 2010) 8. The Twilight series 9. Smallpox 10. Diamond cuts.

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