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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. Which island is surrounded by the Ionian, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas?

2. What links the evacuation from Dunkirk, a DC generator and, sportingly, Minsk, Bucharest and Kiev, among others?

3. What sort of animal can be red-tailed, buff-tailed or garden?

4. Matthew Webb was the first person known to complete which feat, accomplished in 21 hours and 45 minutes in 1875?

5. German, French, Italian and Romansh are the four national languages of which country?

6. What links the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, 'Allo 'Allo!'s camp lieutenant, the original Frank'n'Furter and Australopithecus afarensis?

7. Which singer liked the "taste of her cherry chapstick"?

8. What links Wallsend with Bowness-on-Solway?

9. Which TV series featured Graculus, Olaf the Lofty and Thor Nogson?

10. According to Paul Simon, how many ways are there to leave your lover?

Pub Quiz answers

1. Sicily 2. Dynamo: Operation Dynamo, a dynamo, football clubs named Dynamo 3. Bumblebee 4. Swim the Channel 5. Switzerland 6. They are all characters in the Paddington Bear stories: Gordon (Mr and Mrs) Brown; Lieutenant (Mr) Gruber; Tim (Mr) Curry, in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'; original specimen nicknamed (Aunt) Lucy 7. Katy Perry, in 'I Kissed a Girl' 8. Hadrian's Wall 9. 'Noggin the Nog' 10. 50.

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