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Breaktime - The job stops here - Pub quiz

1. Which imperial dynasty is said to have taken its name from Hawk's Castle in Switzerland?

2. Who comes next in the following sequence: Charles, William, Harry, Andrew?

3. Which comedians are commemorated in a museum at Ulverston in Cumbria?

4. What links Yorba Linda, College Station, Little Rock, Atlanta and Simi Valley?

5. What disappears from Major Kovalyov's flat, only to reappear in a cathedral and refuse to return home?

6. Where would you find the Pavilion End opposite the Nursery End?

7. Which number one song features the lines: "You think you're mad, too unstable, kicking in chairs and knocking down tables"?

8. Who arrived at the Finland Station on 3 April, 1917?

9. In the 1950s children TV series Champion the Wonder Horse, what is the name of Ricky's dog?

10. Whose quest for immortality after the death of his companion Enkidu is portrayed in one of the earliest known works of literature?

Pub Quiz answers

1. The Habsburgs 2. Beatrice: the line of succession to the throne 3. Laurel and Hardy 4. Locations of US Presidential Libraries: Richard Nixon, George H Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan 5. His nose, in Gogol's short-story 'The Nose' 6. Lord's cricket ground 7. 'West End Girls' by the Pet Shop Boys 8. Lenin 9. Rebel 10. Gilgamesh, in 'The Epic of Gilgamesh'.

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