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Breaktime - The job stops here - Quiz

This week... Fat blokes, beer and bullseyes

1. Who is the current world darts champion, as recognised by the British Darts Organisation? Give his name and nickname.

2. What is the name of the town where the River Dart meets the sea?

3. What is the full name of the commuter train that runs along the coast of the capital of the Irish Republic, from Malahide and Howth southwards?

4. The frontman of a legendary British rock band came from a town in Kent. Which band and which town?

5. Dartmouth College is one of eight Ivy League universities in New England. Name the town and state where it is based.

6. What is the predominant rock that makes up Dartmoor?

7. Vastly overweight darts world champion Andy "the Viking" Fordham appeared on Channel 4's Celebrity Fit Club in 2005. Who presented the programme?

8. The Development of Anti-Retroviral Therapy was the largest ever example of its kind carried out in Africa. What was its purpose?

9. Mark Lewis-Francis - nicknamed the Darlaston Dart - is a runner. At which distance did he win silver at the recent Delhi Commonwealth Games?

10. A second, separate, world championship of darts is held just after Christmas every year at London's Alexandra Palace. What is the name of the organising body?

Pub Quiz answers

1. Martin "Wolfie" Adams 2. Dartmouth 3. Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) 4. The Rolling Stones and Dartford 5. Hanover, New Hampshire 6. Granite 7. Dale Winton 8. To test treatments for HIV 9. 100m 10. Professional Darts Corporation.

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