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Breaktime - The job stops here - Yoofspeak

Frass (adj)

Means: Ugly

Usage: "That new boy is well frass, what you talkin' 'bout?"

It sometimes seems that the Yoof has more words for unattractiveness than the Inuit has for snow, and this week brings another corker to stuff in the reserve locker. "Frass" was previously used as a term for someone who was under the influence of marijuana (another slang pocket weighed down by inordinate amounts of word change), but it has moved on to describe someone who is physically repulsive. Why, you ask? Well, if you are happy to think of your pupils as high-brow, they have clearly been studying hard as "frass" is actually the fecal material produced by insects and many believe this to be its origin. If, however, you think your charges more likely to cut and shunt two words together like a particularly haphazard car "remodelling", frass is thought to be an amalgam of the words "front" and "ass", as in your face looks like someone's rear-end. The decision, as ever, is yours.

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