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Breaktime - The job stops here - Yoofspeak

3DS and NGP (n)

3DS and NGP (n)

Means: Upcoming hand-held gaming consoles by Nintendo and Sony respectively

Usage: "Did you see the specs on the NGP? It's well better than the 3DS's"

Just as you were getting your head round Wii this and PSP that (you were getting your head around them weren't you?), the world's gaming covenent has got together to snatch the pocket money of the nation's Yoofs and pull the rug from underneath your playground understanding. Lucky, then, that Yoofspeak is here to get you back on your slang feet. First, next month's arrival of the Nintendo 3DS - a merging of 3D (as in three dimensions) and DS (dual screen) - which will be trying not to blur pupils' eyes the nation over with its glasses-free 3D screen. But before the kids can get too excited, Sony's NGP - that will be the Next Generation Portable, which sidesteps the multi-dimensional bandwagon for more cutting-edge graphics (get your head around that) - will be out by the end of the year. At several hundred pounds for each, it's a young saver's dilemma. Either way, the staffroom "lost property"eBay haul is set for a much-needed boost.

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