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Breaktime - Yoofspeak

Teek (n, adj)

Means: Someone or something that is impossibly old

Usage: "Those nylon hoodies are so teek." "Miss Turpin is a fittie but Mr Collins is a teek."

Teeks are a species of alien featuring in the Star Wars series, and in Hinglish, the Bollywood mixture of Indian and English, "teek" means healthy. But for UK Yoof, preferring to live in the eternal present, innocent of the ravages of age, the word is a slur. It's used when you're forced to refer - reluctantly and as rarely as possible - to anything to do with the older generation. Perhaps understandably there are very few expressions for older people ("rents" being one exception) or old-fashioned in general in the teen lexicon. This offering comes from "antique", of course, but it doesn't mean agreeably retro or old-skool cool; it's only used for disapproval, specifically dissing anything and anyone more than a few months older than oneself, or going back more than a week or two in time.

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