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Breaktime - Yoofspeak

Soz (exclamation)

Means: The shortest possible apology

Usage: "You just ate my last Pringle." "Soz"

Teens are usually in too much of a hurry, or simply too tough, to apologise for anything. But just occasionally they are moved enough - when they have done something unforgivable to a close friend or when there is a real threat of adult retribution - to mumble their excuses or post a mea culpa. It is still vital, though, to waste as little effort as possible, so "sorry" has been edited down to soz or SOZ, with or without verbal or written exclamation mark. If you are heartbroken the lengthy "so soz" or "sozza" is permissible, while in chatrooms or texting the code for a really abject, grovelling apology is SWY, short for "sowwy". A tactless question can be followed up, sincerely or ironically, with SIA - "sorry I asked".

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