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Breaktime - Yoofspeak

Rush (v)

Rush (v)

Means: To physically attack someone

Usage: "Are we going to rush Paul at lunch?"

We know - it sounds almost upbeat, one pupil encouraging another to perhaps speed up their revision to secure those top marks the class always suspected they could. "Hurry up, Paul, you can do it!" If only. "Rush" is Yoofspeak for beating a pupil up, a usually premeditated action and often involving more than one aggressor. The word comes from the typical speed of the assault, a tactic used to catch the victim unawares. It has been a playground staple for so long that it has even been coined as a tactical term for storming an opponent's base in online strategy games such as World of Warcraft. It should certainly make you think twice about yelling, "Stop rushing down those corridors!" of a Friday afternoon. Although, on second thoughts ...

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