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Breaktime - Yoofspeak

Braap! (exclamation)

Braap! (exclamation)

Means: Used for agreement, as a threat, a greeting, to show approval or just to end a sentence

Usage: "That Kayleigh, she's well fit." "Braap!""Whassup, girlf?" "Braap!"

There's something unsettling about 13-year-old girls imitating the rapid-fire of an AK47, Uzi or Glock 9mm gun instead of just squealing "kewl" as a mark of approval. But that's what's happening when you hear them gleefully yelling "braap!"

The word first cropped up in the 1990s conversations of hip-hop gangstas and their wigga imitators, who often accompanied it with a "gun-hand", cocking a pistol with the fingers and pointing it, usually, but not always, in fun. In those days "bullet!" was an alternative cry, but this seems to have disappeared.

By the mid-Noughties, the b-word was identified with chavs, but now seems to have established itself in schools, where some of the little innocents have converted it to the softer "blaap!"

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