Breathing life into first aid

Who went?

Philip Armstrong, deputy head, and the rest of the staff at Wraysbury Primary School in Staines.

What was it?

Emergency First Aid for Schools. A morning's training session by St John Ambulance, which took place in school.

What did it do?

We looked at how to deal with common playground accidents such as cuts and grazes, as well as more serious situations such as choking or head injuries.

Why go?

We had training a few years ago, but new staff have joined since then. In any case, it's good to refresh.

Message, motto or mantra?

First aid can be the difference between life and death, so don't be afraid to use it.

Handouts or hands-on?

A good mix of theory and practical, with lots of role play.

They handled questions well - we could ask anything without feeling silly.

Something I liked It was tailored to our needs absolutely. Even down to having child-size dummies for the mouth-to-mouth exercises. And it's nice to get a certificate at the end.

Something I learned

The recommended procedures for giving CPR have changed in the past few years. It's now 30 chest compressions followed by two rescue breaths into the mouth.

Has it made a difference?

It's reassuring for staff to know they could cope with an emergency. And because all our teachers are trained, they can have confidence in one another. We're also encouraging some pupils to do the St John Young Lifesaver Award.

The verdict?

It's well run and professional. You fit so much into one morning.

Coming soon?

To arrange a training day or find out about courses in your area, go to

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