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Bridging the divide

* Mahmud is from Gaza. He lives in the West Bank without permission, is married to a woman from Jerusalem and has two children. Due to movement restrictions, Mahmud has not been able to see his family in Gaza for four years. Last year he bought them and himself a webcam, and on a number of occasions, when the infrastructure was working, he and his family could speak with and see each other.

* Ramallah's residents are not allowed to travel to Jerusalem, even though it is only 15km away. However, there is a cultural curriculum which demands students study "Jerusalem and its historic value". "We used to have trips there, and all around Palestine, but now we can't leave Ramallah. One of our most important uses of technology has become the video player," explains the headteacher of Al Tire school.


* The Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development qcersEN

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