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* The words "information superhighway" are bandied about all over the place. But how many people know what they really mean? The latest exhibition at the Science Museum in London, entitled Information Superhighway, is described as a futuristic exhibition which sets out to make communications technology understandable to all.

Sponsored by British Telecom and Oracle, the first area of the exhibition uses computer models to explain the technology behind global computer networks.

The second, called "Surf City", is a bank of computers which visitors can use to surf the Internet. The third looks to the future and allows visitors to sample the sort of applications which could soon be in their homes including the latest CD technology, Philips CD-i, an all-in-one entertainment system which will play video and audio CDs, photo CDs and CD-i titles including games, interactive music, educational and children's entertainment.

Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2DD. Tel: 0171 938 8000.

* In accordance with the Education (Special Educational Needs) (Information) Regulations l994, schools must publish their SEN policies by August 1 l995. To help them in the task, the Schools' SEN Policies Pack has been developed by the Council for Disabled Children and the Institute of Education in association with the Department for Education.

Available from the National Children's Bureau, it is designed primarily for mainstream schools, but will also be useful for special schools, nurseries, pupil referral units and local authorities, say the authors.

The pack consists of l9 booklets and is being published in two parts, the first launched last month and the second to be issued in June. A single copy of the whole pack costs Pounds 45. Discounts are given on bulk orders.

This month and next the National Children's Bureau and the Council for Disabled Children are also organising conferences and training days on the impact of the Code of Practice and SEN Policy Requirements .

NCB, 8 Wakley Street, London EC1V 7QE. Tel: 0171 843 6000. For information on conferences: 0171 843 60416042.

* It looks almost laughably simple - four blue vertical stripes ranging in colour from dark to light down the left-hand side of A-4 lined paper, but it is being claimed as a major advance in the art of note-taking.

The idea is that students organise and prioritise their ideas by writing major headings on the dark column on the left and progressively less important sub-divisions in the other columns.

By looking to see which sections begin in the same column, they can see at a glance the structure of the material, and revision is made much easier.

Made by a Belgian company with a reputation for being environmentally friendly, the 4-Stripes writing pad is available on 100 per cent recycled paper from Pirongs Ltd, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 5NA. Tel: 01626 52655.

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