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In brief

Dyspraxia: the hidden handicap. By Dr Amanda Kirby. Souvenir Press pound;12.99.

In basic army training at Catterick a long time ago, we had a big, warm-hearted boy who couldn't march, couldn't handle his rifle without dropping it, and couldn't keep his kit in order. Eventually he cut himself badly trying to open a parcel from home, and went off to hospital never to be seen again.

Then, he was just clumsy. Now he'd be dyspraxic. The label doesn't solve the problem - but it removes stigma and stimulates research and knowledge.

July 7 is Dyspraxia Awareness Day, and this book, by an expert with professional and personal experience (she has a dyspraxic son), is published to coincide. It's a mine of information and advice on how to help children with balance, co-ordination and a host of simple tasks such as using the toilet. I'd guess there are parents who will fall on it with cries of relief.

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