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A-Z OF EDUCATIONAL TERMS. By Brin Best. Teachers' Pocketbooks pound;6.99\teachers

Are you sure you know the difference between the internet and the intranet? Or exactly what's in "the autumn package"? Everybody certainly assumes you do (including those people who use the terms without themselves being entirely sure) and if you don't, I bet you're too embarrassed to ask.

The answer lies in this little book in the Teachers' Pocketbooks series.

I've tried to catch it out by looking for obscurities, but it's passed every time. In fact it knows many more terms than I knew existed, and a quick read through is almost as good as some management courses.

As well as definitions of terms, it has a comprehensive list of abbreviations, from AAN (approved admission number) to Yelsis (years of late secondary information system: apparently another version of Yellis, which in turn meansI Oh, look it up.)

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