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Marketing Learning in Sports, Leisure and Recreation

Marketing Learning in Arts, Culture and Heritage

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Understanding Your Learning Audience


By Michelle Wake

From CfL, 19 Buckingham Street, London WC2N 6EF. Tel: 020 7930 1111;

Schools have the luxury of a captive audience. Arguably, that's why, once people have left school, any proposition that involves words such as "learning" or "course" has them running in the opposite direction. And that, in turn, is why we need the Campaign for Learning and a series of publications to help those who want to lure people back into learning.

The series applies marketing methods that should enable professionals, such as adult learning providers and education officers in leisure and the arts, to look beyond simply creating opportunities and wondering why too few people use them. It shows how to examine the needs and preferences of the people you want to reach, and how to tailor and present what you have to offer. There are many lecturers, teachers and administrators out there who wish that more potential learners would cross whatever barrier is holding them back. For them, a series such as this offers good practical advice and renewed enthusiasm.

You can't help thinking, though, that if schools were better at switching young people on to the idea of lifelong learning, the task of organisations such as the Campaign for Learning would be that much easier.

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