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FRANZO FROG AND HIS FRIENDS. By Heather Ward Heinemann. Evaluation Pack Pounds 5.99.

This two-part beginners' course for descant recorders is suitable for children aged 6 to 8 plus. It is well presented with colourful illustrations, easy-to-follow fingering diagrams and original tunes which can be clapped, sung or played individually or in ensemble with percussion accompaniments. In line with national curriculum requirements for performing, composing and listening, it is an attractive if not especially original resource for teaching children to read music through tunes about animals.


By Mike Bishop and Chris Smith Book and Cassette pack. Education Through Music, 171 Barkers Butts Lane, Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands. Pounds 10.95

Teachers looking for music to link with classroom topic work for science and geography will welcome this collection of 12 songs, in a modern, rock idiom, with thought-provoking lyrics on themes such as recycling, pollution and rainforests. The cassette, containing songs and a backing track, will be useful to the non-specialist.

MUSIC TOGETHER. By Terry Payne Full set of parts, including licence to copy, cassette, card covers and polywallets Pounds 49.50 plus VAT. Education Matters, 29 High Street, Halberton, Tiverton, Devon.

Terry Payne has written a set of 10 pieces for mixed ensembles at all levels from absolute beginners to more advanced. Parts are scored for the instruments available in the average classroom - electronic keyboards, recorders, tuned percussion and orchestral instruments. Teacher's notes accompany each piece. Send an s.a.e. (23x32cm. 60p first class45p second class) for an information pack.

THE BBC GUIDE TO MUSIC-MAKING. By Leonora Davies BBC Pounds 3.50.

This guide is a handy reference book for young musicians or parents. It contains information on choosing an instrument and a teacher, learning and practising, composing, singing, and opportunities for music outside school and in further and higher education (although this section is not very detailed). It also explains in layperson's terms what parents can expect from school music at primary and secondary level.

INSTRUMENTS OF THE ORCHESTRA. By Marie Tomlinson Folens Pounds 19.99.

Marie Tomlinson's activity pack is based on Peter and the Wolf and Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. As well as ideas on how to exploit these two well-known pieces, the pack would be a useful resource for any primary music course, providing activities, information and lesson plans to help with listening and understanding musical concepts such as pitch, duration, dynamics and tempo. The pack also contains a cassette of the music and a wall chart, unfortunately rather dated in its presentation.

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