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100 Ideas for Managing Behaviour By Johnnie Young Continuum pound;8.99

Behaviour management - or discipline as we used to call it - is a major preoccupation at every level of teaching, and any helpful advice is to be welcomed.

This concise and well-ordered book by an experienced secondary teacher covers everything from dealing with mobile phones to bullying. It's good to see a page on "abusive comments in the street"; this is rarely dealt with on courses or in handbooks about pupil behaviour, and yet it's a real problem for some teachers, who often feel unsure about raising the subject in school. Johnnie Young's sure that it's serious and that it has to be tackled with the help of the school's support mechanism. "Never try to deal with it as an individual," he writes.

That page alone would have helped me as a young teacher living near school and plagued by catcalls on the way home.

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