In brief

Fundraising for Schools Pocketbook By Brin Best and Ken Dunn Teachers' Pocketbooks pound;6.99

This isn't a book about jumble sales and school Christmas cards. "Our aim,"

say the authors, "is to provide a book that will bring in substantial funds for your school on a sustainable basis."

They don't claim it's easy ("There are no shortcuts that will bring you success overnight"). The starting point is a "10-step model" developed from their own experience (Brin Best is editor of the School Financial Management newsletter; Ken Dunn an assistant head) and that of other schools they've worked with. The theme is that the approach should be strategic and long-term, supported by effective management and investment.

"As a rule of thumb," they say, "most funding specialists agree that to be successful you need to invest about 10 per cent of the sum you are seeking in time and resources."

Because it deals with specific measurable targets, tackled by proven management and organisational techniques - and because it uses good, realistic case studies - this is one of the most effective titles in the series.

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