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In Brief

A Sense of History Key Stage 2 Welsh Poster Pack with Teachers' Notes By Sallie Purkis, Longman Pounds 25 + VAT

Attractive posters are the hallmark of Longman's successful A Sense of History series and this latest pack, tailored for Welsh Study Units 2 and 3 and illustrating Tudor and modern Wales, is no exception. Non-specialists can turn with confidence to Sallie Purkis's teacher's notes for details on each poster and excellent practical ideas on how to use them effectively. This will inspire teachers to seek out further materials locally; indeed North Walians, with 10 of the 12 posters featuring South Wales, and students of rural, agricultural life, so central to the Welsh experience and not represented here, will need to redress the balance somewhat. An expensive, but long-lasting and useful resource.

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