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In Brief

Fast promotion

digital marketing

Not-for-profit organisation Media Smart has produced 10 lessons for primary pupils to understand digital advertising. They look at the internet and techniques such as viral marketing, online gaming and social media.

Easi to respond


ICT company RM has launched RM Easirespond, which allows pupils to participate in classroom assessment. Teachers can create activities incorporating video, text and audio; students then use the wireless voting system to give feedback.


Pack mentality


Gang culture is covered in a series of true stories filmed and shared by TrueTube, the award-winning website with school videos, lesson and assembly plans for PSE and religious education from S1-6. Through questionnaires, group discussion and role-play, pupils can gain a greater understanding of why gangs exist and the consequences of being involved.

Progress portal


Assessment tool provider Classroom Monitor has developed an online parental access portal. The aim is to drive up pupils' standards and get parents involved in their learning. It also enables teachers to control how much information on assessments is fed to parents.


20m log-ins


Lasswade Primary pupil Abbie Watt (P4) won a top-of-the-range tablet PC for being the 20 millionth log-in to Glow, Scotland's national schools intranet. Abbie was presented with her prize at the end of term by RM Education, the company that supplies Glow. Lasswade first went live on Glow in 2009 and has been using it in the classroom to link up with other schools and pupils across Scotland. Parents can also find out news from the school, check homework and see what their child has been doing.

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