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In Brief

A new installation at the South Bank in London offers a graphic insight into what it is like to be visually impaired. Situated beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hall, BT Dialogue in the Dark is a dark, sound-proofed area which simulates four everyday environments, the exact nature of which the organisers are reluctant to divulge as it might spoil the experience.

Visitors, which include school parties, are guided by visually-impaired guides and are served up a rich diet of smell, taste, touch and sound.

Tours last approximately 45 minutes. Mornings from Tuesday to Friday are reserved for school parties and the installation is complemented by an extensive education programme which includes daily workshops for schools and a special publication, Dark Light, featuring essays, poems and images exploring the nature of seeing. The installation will be at the South Bank until June 28.

Information about BT Dialogue in the Dark is available in print and on cassette from the Box Office on 0171 928 8800.

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