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Working with Eating Disorders and Self-Esteem. By A Yellowlees, FolensDaniels Pounds 49.95

This pack by a consultant psychiatrist is for professionals working in education, health or welfare who have clients with eating disorders. It makes the case briskly and clearly that self-esteem is the key to understanding and resolving eating disorders, and it offers a wide-ranging overview of key facts and ideas related to these twin topics.

The resources are user-friendly and accessible, making extensive use of diagrams, handouts summarising key points, and activity sheets to prompt individual reflection and group discussion.

Section one reviews the importance of self-esteem for mental health and psychological functioning; section two examines eating disorders as "a crisis of self-esteem"; and section three introduces a model for "self-esteem focused therapy" emphasising the "skills and practices that have to be learnt to promote healthy self-esteem growth".

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